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IPaidThat looks to automate its clients' accountability to help them gain time. To carry out that mission and be as efficient as possible IPaidThat has to identify cash flows. 

IPaidThat uses Bridge created by Bankin' to : 

  • Automate their clients' financial data retrieval via a secure, reliable and instantaneous connection. 
  • Enrich and categorise banking data
  • Provide their clients with a real time access to baking data 
  • Initiate simple or deferred transfers

Thanks to its service and the solutions provided by Bridge created by Bankin', IPaidThat enables accountants to gain 32 minutes on their data entry time. 

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  • ABOUT US : Bridge is the leading Open-Banking solution in Europe, developed by Bankin’ and approved by ACPR. Bridge allows you to aggregate, standardize and enrich financial data processing and initiate secure transfers within professional applications. Bridge is connected to more than 350 financial institutions in Europe. The solution empowers the knowledge and the user-experience for finance companies and professions. Bridge has been serving successfully the mobile app Bankin’ and its 4.2 million users since 2011, making its algorithms and payment services the best on the market. The solution Bridge is easy to integrate and it is fully compliant with the banking safety standards. Bridge was the first European fintech to ever receive the PSD2 certification in January 2018.